This will be a full weekend with tons of fresh sunsprayed acro straight from the beach in LA.

17. – 18. nov.

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Chris leads the longest-running series for intermediate/advanced L-based acrobatics in Southern California. For many years his weekly 3 hour classes have been sought out by acrobats from all over the world as he delivers progressive training which has set the stage for the impressive growth of the Los Angeles acro community. Chris’ technique driven practice is one of the previously unimagined balances and intricate transitions which defy expectations of what is possible in partner acrobatics. His imaginations, featured in Acropedia & Instagram accounts all over, have led him according to Lux SeattleAcro, to be one of the leading figures in second generation AcroYoga. Chances are very good that if there is a pose you’ve seen somewhere which took your breath away and fired your inspiration it was originated with Chris & one of his amazing partners.

Chris comes to Slovenia to share his love of partner movement with the community. His practice emphasizes the democratization of circus. We will explore, over the course of 15 hours, the concepts of strength and autonomy for flyers in keeping themselves safe and liberated in the AcroYoga practice. We will explore techniques and tools to build strength and spatial awareness through spinning machines and finding stack in unusual balance points.

This weekend intensive is designed to reflect Chris’ weekly workshops in Los Angeles. Each of the 4 3 hour sessions will focus on a particular aspect of the practice.

Concepts of movement are paired with concepts of the heart & emotions to provide context for exploring & deepening your partner practice while opening new ways to see your personal journey.

For example, what happens when we explore “fear” & a “volleyball” pose? How does this change your own understanding of the way you move? How can such a thing be used to focus on greater skill development among partners?  Does this intrigue you?

Chris began training gymnastics at 5 years old and has been exploring both professionally & personally movements of many modalities his whole life.

Learning from Chris will give you insights into gymnastics, ballet technique, roue Cyr, aerial apparatus, kinetic sculpture movement, calisthenics, slack line, & contact improvisational dance.

A professionally trained clown Chris’ classes will entertain, move you to think deeply about questions of consent and autonomy, and improve your communication skills in your practice.

What Chris says about the workshops?

I’m a very strong believer that the way to learn the most advanced types of movements one must start at the beginning and move forward from there. This is progressive training. We will build some fundamental pieces of movement which are available to everyone and then we will build challenging and more complex movements on top of these basic movements.

Prereqs for my classes include a handstand for 30 seconds against the wall and a headstand for 30 seconds in the middle of the room.

Side stars…

As such we will likely cover lots of movements around the hips, thut, thighs, & sacrum of the flyer. If you are not used to working in hip movements please begin working on your side stars now. I consider the side star to be a fundamental piece of the movement vocabulary I share and if your hips are not acclimated to side stars you will not get as much out of the workshops as you could.


We will also likely be doing some work with hand to hands and handstands on the body. I believe that inversions are a fundamental piece of the practice and total body awareness while inverted is the key to a long and safe practice.

…and slackro.

I’m also a huge fan of slackro and I have some great slackro flows for you. Some places I travel to don’t have a clear understanding of how slackro can fit into a practice. Prepare to have your mind blown as we turn the body into a line. If you have never walked a slack line now is the time to do so. Prepare yourself for a lot of fun and complicated balances.

What will happen depends on you!

Are you soft in the way you touch your partner? Can you be as receptive as needed to be able to negotiate space without words? If have already cultivated these aspects of your practice we can get into some very advanced stuff when I visit. But if you haven’t then may this be your introduction to a different, better, way to approach partner acrobatics.

Info & registration


Saturday, 17. nov.

10.00 – 13.00 Part 1

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break

14.00 – 17.00 Part 2

Sunday, 18. nov.

10.00 – 13.00 Part 3

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break

14.00 – 17.00 Part 4


130€ per person for all 4 workshops


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